How to construct a gravel/pebble driveway

This is something that we get asked about a lot so we decided to explain it here to make it as easy as possible.

millbrook_pebble_dustFirstly you need to remove the existing driveway or if it is a new driveway you need to remove the topsoil to a minimum depth of 200mm (8 inches). Now you need to add 150mm (6 inches) of crushed stone (hardcore) and compact it with a compacter plate or even better if you can hire a drum roller and roll it. After this you need to blind the hardcore with material know as quarry dust to an approximate depth of 30mm.When you have this spread all over the hardcore it helps to wet it down slightly and then compact it with the compacter plate. This seals the hardcore and stops it coming back up and getting mixed up with the pebble. Now it is time to put the pebble on top of the dust.The pebble only needs to be 30-40mm in depth (depending on the size of the pebble).If it is any deeper it will be uncomfortable to walk in, impossible to push a pram or a wheelie bin in and will always look untidy. The pebble will bind with the dust and over time will form a good solid surface.

One of the many advantages of pebble driveways are that they are permeable and absorb rainwater so that all the rainwater is not going into the storm water drainage system.

To put the finishing touches to your driveway you can dress it with some granite cobble edging and a granite cobble apron at the entrance which will also contain the pebble from getting thrown out on the foot path by the car wheels.

How to work out the quantity of the different material you need:
Hardcore: at 200mm depth;
1 ton will cover 4.5 metre square.
Quarry dust: at 30mm depth;
1 ton will cover 20 metre square.
Pebble/gravel: at 30/40mm depth; 1 ton will cover 18/20 metre square.