Egyptian Limestone is a durable limestone with a distinctive surface finish that has pelt like texture. Subtle colour tones of this beautiful limestone will complement any modern garden design, giving a contemporary feel to the living space.

How To Lay Egyptian Limestone Paving

Egyptian Limestone Installation tips

1. This product should be laid on a full wet mortar bed over compacted hardcore. Allow a 5mm joint between slabs.

2. It is important to apply a a latex based primer like SBR or similar (we supply Panabond Latex PA1) to the back of the slabs before you lay it. This is a quick and easy process and involves applying the primer to the back of the slabs with a sponge. Allow to dry before laying in the mortar bed. It normally takes approx 10 mins to dry. This process with avoid the occurrence of effervescence on the surface of the slabs after they are laid.

3. When product is laid and mortar bed is dry (usually one day) clean the paving with water. You could use a light power washing.

4. Allow to dry and then seal with Drytreat stainproof sealer (one coat). Please ensure paving is bone dry before sealing.

5. When sealer is dry you can grout the paving. We recommend the use of an outdoor flexible tile grout (Botamant multifuge in sand grey or similar) for this product.

6. Allow to dry and seal again. Job complete.